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Empower your customers by giving them more so they can live life on their own terms and to stay in touch with the ones they care about most

Marketing Plug-In Platform

Billaway is a cloud-based marketing plug-in platform that provides Mobile Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators the technology to offer a seamless rewards program to their subscribers.

B2B2C Connector

Billaway’s turn-key platforms connects mobile operators with advertisers and brands. These advertisers and brands are then connected to mobile phone consumers from all of the world who want to access free airtime in exchange for their opinions.

MO’s > Brands > Consumers

Digital Solution

Billaway provides a digital solution that enables consumers to reduce what they pay for their monthly mobile bill without having to spend money. Mobile subscribers simply participate in everyday activities like taking surveys, entering sweepstakes and activate offers and in exchange for their time they receive free mobile airtime.

Our Mission

Billaway empowers consumers to live life on their own terms. Mobile devices are a basic need and no one should be restricted by mobile data limitations or personal income to stay in touch with the ones they care about.

The Backstory

In 2013, Billaway launched with the concept that consumers would be willing to take an action in order to reduce their everyday bills. Soon, Billaway had arrangements with telecommunications, fuel and utility companies, where their customers were able to lower their monthly bills when engaging with Billaway’s global retail and brand partnerships. We built and perfected the marketing platform that made this possible.

Late in 2015, we recognized a significant trend – the way consumers use mobile phones was changing dramatically. Gone are the days when a mobile phone was just a convenient and portable device to make and receive phone calls while out and about.  Today, mobile phones are essentially small computers that consumers are using to enhance all aspects of their lives.  Mobile phone usage results in expensive bills as users make calls, send messages or video chat with friends and family, are entertained by streaming movies and TV shows, get the latest news when it happens, and much, much more.


The convergence of our bill-lowering platform, as well as the sharp and sustained spike in mobile phone usage brought us to where we are today… the only company that allows consumers to reduce mobile expenses by taking surveys, entering sweepstakes or filling out online quotes. Consumers are reliant upon their phones to stay connected, live a fulfilling life and get things done. Therefore, they are willing to participate in activities to increase the amount of monthly data they can use.

On the other hand, we have advertisers and market research companies who need and want access to consumers on their phones. With this is mind, Billaway are connecting advertisers with consumers via their mobile devices.It’s win- win. Brands benefits from getting detailed data on what consumers think and mobile users receive free mobile airtime for providing their opinions.    

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