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The #1 Customer Retention Solution

Billaway’s Patented Technology enables businesses of all sizes to reward their customers
with free mobile data and free mobile airtime to increase customer retention, spend, and loyalty.

The Billaway Redemption Engine - Reward customers with free mobile data and airtime

Billaway Exchange

Using our patented platform, Billaway manages the complete cycle for converting a reward credit or marketing promotion into a bill credit.

Billaway Rewards

Billaway’s end-to-end rewards programs convert global reward currencies for any program into credits on a service bill or subscription.

Proven Results

The Billaway Solution has been proven to drive down churn and increase customer retention. Our patented platform is affordable, effective and easy for you implement.

Easy Implementation

Getting started has never been easier. With our seamless integration and robust API, Billaway makes it quick and easy to get up and running with our results-driven technology.

Industries We Work With

  • Financial Services

    In this highly competitive industry, a cost-effective
    retention program is critical. The Billaway Solution integrates into
    your current retention program, or creates a custom end-to-end solution.

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  • Streaming Services

    Maximize customer spend and reduce retention costs.
    Use this powerful incentive to upgrade your users to premium
    by offering them free mobile data when they do.

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  • Market Research

    Market researchers and brands looking to expand into
    emerging markets use Billaway Technology to collect data directly
    through the Billaway Exchange and with our enduring partnerships.

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  • Subscription Services

    Subscription programs, from shopping clubs to
    niche monthly boxes, increase their renewal rates with
    Billaway’s Patented Redemption Engine.

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    Instant messaging apps like BBM and WeChat use the
    Billaway exchange to retain customers by rewarding them with
    free mobile data and airtime, thereby expanding the customer lifecycle.

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  • Mobile Operators

    Billaway equips mobile service providers with the
    technology to offer seamless rewards and loyalty programs
    to attract, grow, and retain customers.

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Success Story

Tripled Customer Retention

A subscription-based shopping club wanted to increase their subscriber early-life renewal rate.
Billaway enabled them to offer their customers free mobile data for renewing their monthly membership.

28% Renewal Rate Increased to 94% with the Billaway Solution

Valuable Incentive

Consumers value mobile airtime and data more than any other technology.

Retention Rate

Billaway’s Patented Solutions Suite is proven to increase customer retention.

Global Reach

Billaway Technology extends to anywhere in the world.

Why is mobile data and
airtime a valuable reward?

Mobile operators who implemented the Billaway program are seeing it reduce their subscriber’s bill by an average of 85%

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In 15 countries surveyed, consumers chose free mobile data and airtime 71% of the time as the most preferred reward.

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