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Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Subscribers

Mobile operators now have the ability to gather the thoughts and opinions of their subscribers, gaining insights in order to make data-driven decisions.

Create An Entirely New Revenue Stream

 Monetize your subscriber base by earning revenue every time they share their opinions

Sell More Services

Billaway will purchase additional talk/text/data from you and give it to your subscribers when they share their opinions.

Reduce Churn

Create friction against switching. Subscribers have a compelling reason to remain loyal as they are earning talk/text/data in exchange for sharing their opinions.

Our Company

If you provide mobile services, anywhere in the world, and would like to increase phone usage, differentiate yourself from the competition, and learn more about your customers, contact us.




Increase Customer Engagement, Reduce Churn and Attract New Customers

We do this through the powerful appeal of awarding additional mobile data as an incentive or reducing the amount they pay for service. People have a strong relationship with, and dependency on, their mobile phones. The outcome for our clients is a more engaged customer who is self empowered to take control of their mobile usage.

More Choice. More Freedom

Marketing Plug-In Platform

Billaway is a cloud-based marketing plug-in platform that provides Mobile Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators the technology to offer a seamless rewards program to their subscribers.

B2B2C Connector

Billaway’s turn-key platforms connects mobile operators with advertisers and brands. These advertisers and brands are then connected to mobile phone consumers from all of the world who want to access free airtime in exchange for their opinions.

MO’s > Brands > Consumers

Digital Solution

Billaway provides a digital solution that enables consumers to reduce what they pay for their monthly mobile bill without having to spend money. Mobile subscribers simply participate in everyday activities like taking surveys, entering sweepstakes and activate offers and in exchange for their time they receive free mobile airtime.

Our Mission

Billaway empowers consumers to live life on their own terms. Mobile devices are a basic need and no one should be restricted by mobile data limitations or personal income to stay in touch with the ones they care about.


Billaway’s Winning Formula Of:

A unique combination of content + the strong desire to lower mobile bills + zero marketing or promotional costs =

Increased customer engagement and improved rewards programs.


Our Three Element Execution

A strong partnership with a Mobile Operator or MVNO who wants to boost the value of loyalty programs to its members.

A brand or market research company that needs detailed analytics and customer opinions on the product or service they are marketing at a low cost.

A mobile subscriber who needs access to free data or is looking to lower their monthly mobile bill.

Our Bill Lowering Platform

Reduction Of Mobile Expenses

By taking surveys, entering sweepstakes or filling out online quotes.

Staying Connected

Consumers are reliant upon their phones to stay connected, live a fulfilling life and get things done.

Extensive Demographic Studies & Surveys

Creating consumers willing to participate in activities to increase the amount of monthly data they can use.

Downloads App

Member downloads app registers and begins taking a survey or other action

Member Earns Credit

Member earns credit towards mobile bill reduction

Applies Credit

Billaway applies credits towards a top-up or overall bill reduction on the member’s mobile account

Complete Survey's

The more activities complete, the more credit the member receives.

The Challenge

Globally, consumers are heavily reliant upon their phones to stay connected, live a fulfilling life and to get things done.

High Phone Usage

High phone usage causes consumers to reach mobile service plan limits quickly resulting in need to add additional airtime (top-up).

No Extra Cost

Particularly in emerging markets, consumers are looking for way to increase the amount of data they can use, without having any cost.

Prepaid Mobile Plans

Catering to consumers already with prepaid plans to engage with activities adding to airtime without making a purchase.

Make A Positive Impact On Mobile User Consumption

We Rethought Everything


Web Traffic From Mobile Devices


Of The Population Worldwide Already Own A Mobile Phone


Prefer $ Reduction On Mobile Bill

Marketing & Promotional Costs

  • Mobile U.S Consumers 80%
  • Mobile Consumers Globally 62.9%
  • Web Traffic From Mobile Devices 50%
  • Reduction Of Mobile $ 39%

We have advertisers and market research companies who need and want access to consumers on their phones. With this is mind, Billaway is connecting advertisers with consumers via their mobile devices.It’s win- win. Brands benefits from getting detailed data on what consumers think and mobile users receive free mobile airtime for providing their opinions. 


Connecting advertisers with consumers while

providing consumers with additional airtime. 


Leverage a high perceived value among consumers.


Serves as point of differentiation.


Reduces customer churn.


Provides purchases behavioural data.

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