A Different Approach

A Different Approach

Unlimited data plans.  Better, more reliable networks.  No contracts.  

There’s only so many levers mobile operators can pull to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market. And with many using similar promotional message to consumers, the value proposition fails to differentiate.

And the more mobile operators promote the same pitch, consumers continue to think they are more or less the same so switching carriers becomes a price decision.  Lowest price position is a dangerous space to compete in – it can be a margin-crushing race to the bottom.

There is a new way – providing subscribers with additional mobile talk/text/data as a reward is a breakout play.  What makes this really interesting is that subscribers earn the additional talk/text/data when they answer survey questions. Billaway pays the subscriber to take surveys on a platform wrapped in the mobile subscriber’s brand. The payments to the subscriber can only be used to purchase additional service on the participating carrier’s network.  

To connect all the dots, here’s how all parties benefit: the subscriber wins with by earning free top ups simply by sharing their opinions. The mobile network operator wins by seeing a reduction in churn and zero costs to participate. Market research companies win by seeing higher response rates for surveys when consumers are provided an incentive to share their opinions.

As the serial innovator Steve Jobs use to say, “but wait, there’s more,” mobile operators can insert their own surveys into the platform, allowing them to gain insights about their subscribers beyond what data points they currently possess.

In a survey injected onto the platform last week, 78% of subscribers in one of the seven countries that Billaway’s platform is currently operating in responded that they would want free mobile airtime or more talk/text/data in their plan for responding to surveys. So as a way to differentiate in a crowded and hyper-competitive mobile service marketplace, offering subscribers free mobile airtime is a clear and easily executed advantage.