Generation Z and the Power of Q & A

Generation Z and the Power of Q & A

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Depending on which stat you look at, the annual spending potential of Generation Z ranges from $38 billion to $46 billion. Whatever the exact number is, it’s big enough for brands and retailers to take note.

The challenge for brands and retailers is reaching Gen Z (aged 14 to 23). Traditional methods of marketing do not return the same results, Gen Z are reluctant to invest time in searching for the best deal, they regard massive shopping malls as something to avoid. In fact, Gen Z does not like being marketed to, and are the loudest voices of scorn when any marketer makes an attempt to exploit social good. (I’m looking at you Kendall Jenner as you hand that police officer a can of soda).

For Gen Z the portal to the world they exist in is their mobile phones. Their eyes and fingers are glued to the screen. Their phones are part of who they are, their connection to the universe. And as such, they don’t want the experience disrupted with ads.

But perhaps more so than past generations, Gen Z feels that their voice matters. As individuals, they like to be heard, they want to make a difference and make an impact. Their opinion is important. At Billaway, we have a hypothesis that the reason we see particularly high response levels to the surveys among users aged 14 to 23 is because they enjoy answering questions, lending their voice. We’re currently gathering more data to see if our hypothesis continues to support the assumed pattern. I think it will.

There’s a power in asking questions, and in providing answers – it’s information exchange. We believe that individual respondents understand that their voice is only one, but also understand that as their voice, their answer to the question gets added to the thousands of others, a statement is formed – an element of truth. That’s the power of a single answer to a single question. The power of Q&A. And we believe it’s the best way to reach Generation Z.