People Really, Really Want to Pay Less for Gas

People Really, Really Want to Pay Less for Gas

According to a survey conducted by Billaway this month, 75.4% of respondents said that reducing what they spend on gas is very important to them and another 17% said that it is important.

When asked if they would respond to surveys in order to earn free gas, a whopping 97.3% said yes.

It’s true, in this “survey about surveys,” respondents made it crystal clear that saving on what they pay for fuel is critical to them, and that being able to reduce fuel costs by taking surveys is something that they will gladly do. Why? Well, consumers are seeing the price of gas rising. The gas pricing website,, reports that nationwide, the average cost per gallon of gas is up 10.9¢ this month from the previous months average.

And this week, with a Category 4 hurricane drenching the Houston region with brutal floods of tumultuous fury, experts say that U.S. motorists are likely to experience an increase of up to 25¢ per gallon due to oil refinery damage.

More so than other routine consumer purchases, gas pricing carries significant emotional weight, so when consumers find ways to reduce their gas bill, they feel empowered.

And consumers have a way to fight back – through sharing their opinions in surveys distributed by market research companies, consumers can earn points for certain loyalty programs at gas stations. The points can be redeemed for gas station gift cards, to lower gas credit card bills, or redeemed right at the pump.

Billaway provides the platform that allows gas loyalty program members to share their opinions in surveys. These opinions then help companies design new products, shape policies, measure what people feel about advertising they may have seen or what movies they like, and other subjects that help businesses adapt to the needs and wants of consumers.

In exchange for completing surveys, respondents lower what they pay for gas. The market research companies, who originated the surveys, pay the respondent, through the platform that Billaway operates.

So, on the one side we have consumers who will jump at the chance to lower what they pay for gas. On the other side, we have market research companies who are willing to pay those consumers in exchange for taking quick surveys. Billaway is bringing the two sides together – and major retail brands are benefiting.