Data-driven decision making is the lifeblood of any successful and growing company.  Fast, accurate, up-to-the-minute data improves business decisions. Billaway not only provides the pipeline to that data but adds the insights and analysis necessary to understand and act upon the data with FastFactsTM

If you’re looking for reliable and accurate facts on how consumers, particularly those in emerging markets, will view and engage with your brand, value proposition, products and/or service, Billaway provides a solution at a price significantly lower than other survey options.

How do we do it?

Billaway conducts surveys among thousands of highly engaged consumers that represent a wide societal cross-section in developing nations across the globe.  Starting with the first survey, a targeting profile is created for each participant – location, gender, age range, primary and secondary languages, mobile device type, mobile service plan operator, income, profession and lifestyle. Our Profiler Panel TM  allows for surveys to be served up to segments of our participant pool who are the most qualified to provide their opinions.

How are we different?

Participants are motivated to engage in surveys as they earn credits that lower their monthly airtime bills in exchange. In developing countries, mobile phones are the preferred, and in many cases, only option to maintain digital connections to family, friends, and the greater world around. Our surveys are optimized for mobile, designed for user ease, and engineered with an obsession for immediate and accurate results.

Since our participants are earning airtime credits simply by sharing their opinions, engagement in surveys is high and large samples are quick to obtain.  Participants are presented the expiration date of the surveys – this incentivizes immediate response. Results are thus rapid to gather, format and present data along with insights and intelligence.

Best of all, the ability to earn free airtime carries a high perceived value at minimal actual cost, so the cost of incentives and surveys are low – these savings are passed along in order to keep our surveys affordable.

For Quick and Accurate Data in Emerging Markets, use FastFactsTM simply fill out the form by clicking ‘Get Started’ above.