What We Do

We increase customer engagement, reduce churn and
attract new customers.

We do this through the powerful appeal of awarding additional mobile data as an incentive or reducing the amount they pay for service. People have a strong relationship with, and dependency on, their mobile phones. The outcome for our clients is a more engaged customer who is self empowered to take control of their mobile usage.

Billaway currently provides the bill reduction platform to Blackberry Messenger (BBM Rewards), Mobolize www.mobolize.com, Gulf Oil (Gulf Power Points) and Sinclair Oil (DINO Rewards) and EcoMobile (EcoMobile Refill Rewards). If you do not currently have a loyalty program, Billaway can create one from the ground up, including branding, execution, launch, growth, data collection, reporting and day-to-day management.

Billaway white labelled solution enables users to save money with any carrier, on any device, with any mobile service plan.

We believe that more choice and freedom is the path your customers prefer.

How Do We Do This?

Billaway’s winning formula consists of:

  • A unique combination of content + the strong desire to lower mobile bills + zero marketing or promotional costs = increased customer engagement and improved rewards programs.
  • Since no integration is required, rewards programs can tap into a wealth of content quickly and seamlessly.

There are three elements to Billaway’s execution.

  1. A strong partnership with a Mobile Operator or MVNO who wants to boost the value of loyalty programs to its members.
  2. A brand or market research company that needs detailed analytics and customer opinions on the product or service they are marketing at a low cost.
  3. A mobile subscriber who needs access to free data or is looking to lower their monthly mobile bill.

What’s the consumer experience?​

  1. Member downloads app, registers and begins taking a survey or other action
  2. Member earns credits towards mobile bill reduction
  3. Billaway applies credits towards a top-up or overall bill reduction on the member’s mobile account.
    The more activities complete, the more credit the member receives.

Earning additional 4G data or airtime reduction isn’t for every consumer – it’s only for consumers who use their smartphones every day.