Who We Work With

Mobile Telecommunications

Around the world, mobile network operators use Billaway to reduce customer churn, while monetizing their subscriber bases. Mobile phone plan usage increases when subscribers earn additional airtime for free simply by sharing their opinions in market research surveys.

Traditional Retailers

If you’re a brick-n-mortar retailer or a pure play eCommerce company, Billaway is a solution to differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive market. We can operate in all verticals – grocery, pharmacy, apparel, fuel and convenience. Invigorate your loyalty program with a new way to earn by taking surveys.

New Economy Companies
If you’re a new, high-growth industry – one that applies cutting edge of technology and are the driving force of today’s economic expansion, a company that uses data and innovation to produce a new customer experience, The Billaway solution accelerates your growth. From ride-share to online food delivery and messaging apps, Billaway works.


Fast casual restaurants and coffee shops can recapture and rebuild sales and grow customer engagement with Billaway providing incentives to linger and order more. Customers enjoy relaxing with a meal or a beverage while taking surveys to earn the next one for free.

Petrol and Gas Companies

Gulf Oil and Sinclair Oil use Billaway to increase loyalty amongst customers. Billaway technology is enabling their customers to reduce what is a considerable portion of ones monthly budget and applying earned credits to a petrol gift card.